Making your own greetings cards as an adult

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Even if you aren't that experienced in paper crafts, making your own greetings cards can be an affordable way to give your friends a truly personalised message on their special occasions. Here's how to get started. 

Head to the craft store

One of the important ways to show that your decision to make your own card is a conscious decision and not a last minute rush job is to use a high quality card stock. Walk around the craft store to get a sense of the different weights and finishes, and select a few of your favourites to take home. Cream card stock is a good neutral option for many occasions, but darker colours such as blacks and navy blues can be a beautiful backdrop for metallic feature stickers or stamps.

Take a course

Take an class on card marking. Many craft stores offer these on the weekend, or can recommend a local class to get you started. Trying a range of tools and card making supplies can let you see the techniques you like the best and which style of card making best suits your skills and tastes. This can let you make some smart decision when you head back into the store to stock on card crafting supplies. 

Research different cards

If you are still learning about card making it can be useful to examine some cards from different makers and work out how you can recreate different effects. Many times you can recreate effects such as foiling with metallic stickers and other supplies to create elegant and unexpected effects on your cards. 

Practise and practise some more

Take some time to practise so that there is no specific time pressure on the first cards you make. You can easily make generic birthday, congratulations or thank you cards. You can experiment with different combinations of card making supplies in these cards to make cards that might be suitable for different recipients. Over time you will get a better sense of which supplies look best against different card stocks and different ways to combine stickers, stamps and other decorations for maximum effect. 

If you are looking to make some beautiful handmade greeting cards to send messages to your friends and family, your first stop should be the craft store. Not only can you experience the tactile dimensions of the supplies you are looking to buy but you can also get valuable advice and direction from the friendly and experienced staff.